Basic Principles

It  has been a week  since we had the first class on Feb. 2 . The first day, I was nervous and unfamiliar with many things such as studying  English class in the morning and doing lap activities in the afternoon. However,when I was looking back, it has been a really wonderful  week .Because I made a lot of friends and started studying  again from the long vacation.

This week, I learned about the book of  “Professional  Baking skills”. The book contains  bakeshop math, food safety and equipment. Also, I learned about different  theories . Each theory was difficult for me to understand. Especially, gluten development is the most difficult. Understanding that the change in the structure of the gluten after fermentation was needed a lot of time. Also, I realized that gluten is that gliadin and glutenin are combined with water and the stretchable substance form. In addition, there are ingredients which have different function individually . For example, sugar adds sweetness and flavor, increases keeping qualities by retaining moisture and acts as creaming agents with fats provide food for yeast. Next egg roles emulsifying  of fats and liquids, leavening, moisture, nutritional value and structure.  It was also special experiences that I made cookies and muffins in the lab. I was able to understand many theories  while  learning other kinds of baking each day.

In order to improve my English ability, I should speak English more often in the classroom as well as the lab. It is vary hard for me to explain various situations, to ask questions and to express emotions in English. However, I will try hard to practice using English through reading magazines and listening radio. I would like to be a good friend to my classmates. I hope we can have more time to chat so that I could know my classmates better.  Next week, I expect to learn more theories and practical skills. I am  looking forward to learning new skills in the lab activities.


About Sarah

My name is Sarah Yeonhee Park. If you would like to know about me more, I would like you to go to my page"About me".

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