assignment1- Problem solving case study

I have learned many kinds of skills to solve problems while I was baking during classes in last three weeks. I will mention three cases of mistakes of baking as well as ways of solving the problem in each case.

First, in the case of a tough and misshapen plain biscuits, it could be happened because of over-mixing the batter. Or when the dough was making with larger amount of flour than the recipe, it could be tough biscuits. When the dough is over-kneading it will be tough and misshapen too.

In order to prevent this case, try to do not mix the batter too much and measure the exact amount of each ingredient. Also, it is important that the dough should be lightly kneaded. When I made cheeses biscuit during the class, I have gotten collapsed biscuits that I made the last. It is because I used reworked scrap dough. Reworked scrap dough has been kneaded too much so it did not stand well.

Second, in the case of spreading and flat top an almond-honey-cranberry muffin, it could be happened because of under-mixing the batter. When the batter is under-mixing batter will be flat the muffins before rising. Baking temperature is also vary important. If the oven temperature is too low, the muffins spread before fully baked. The amount of baking soda or powder affects biscuit shape.

In order to solve this problem, try to mix the batter properly and check the oven temperature correctly. Also, measure the right amount of baking soda or powder. After adding the baking soda or powder, the batter should be placed in the muffin pan and put it in the oven immediately before the gases escape.

Lastly, in the case of a soggy cherry custard pie, the reason could be the low temperature. When the temperature is too low, the bottom gets not enough heat to bake the shell. Also, the bottom crust should make mealy dough to bake crusted shell.
On top of that, pre-baked shell need to be cool down fully before pouring the filling in the shell.
To solve this problem, check the temperature and use high bottom heat to make crusted shell. And make  the mealy dough to use to bottom crusts. Also, wait for pouring the filling until when the shell is cool down fully.

In conclusion, solving these three cases of problems could be similar. First, measure the ingredients correctly. little amount of difference will make big different result. Second, pay attention to the method of mixing. It could be varied according to the kinds of baking and should follow the each instruction. Third, check the temperature and time. In order to improve these skills, I will study hard the recipe before I bake in the lap. Also, I will practice and find better way to organize the time and the order of baking in each step. And then review the recipe and the way of baking every day after school and remember the case of mistake so I do not make the mistake again.


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