Hastings Bakery Tour

I went to the field trip to the bake shops which are located on East Hastings Street last Tuesday. I realize that there are many bake shops on the street. I visited eight bake shops and each shop has different characters. I will compare and contrast the Schokolade Café and the Valley Bakery. I think the Schokolade Café is better than the Valley Bakery for my future business.

2015-02-26 11.29.072015-02-26 15.35.26

The Valley Bakery is the largest place that I have visited. The Valley Bakery has been running for fifty-six years. The shop has around twenty people including the chefs, bakers, workers who decorate cakes and clerks. The shop has thirty-five kinds of pastries, cakes and bread. In addition, the Valley Bakery owns the rotating oven which can bake sixty buns at once and bake a few different kinds of items all together. Finally, the Valley Bakery is using the local newspaper, face book and social shoppers for the marketing the shop.

In contrast, the Schokolade Cafe is the smaller than the Valley Bakery. The Schokolade Cafe has been running for eight years. There are fewer people working in the Café including owner and his wife. They produce in small quantities of chocolate and cookies with fresh ingredients. When I tasted the products, I was surprised because it was scrumptious. In addition, the Schokolade Café is installed the interesting equipment, the grease trap which filters the oil before the used water drains. Finally, the Schokolade Café shares products with other shops and offers workshop to children from schools for their marketing.

2015-02-26 15.38.182015-02-26 16.06.58wpid-20150226_153854.jpg2015-02-26 16.06.49wpid-20150226_153917.jpg

If I operate my own bakery shop, I prefer to choose the Schokolade Cafe to the Valley Bakery. The strength of the Valley Bakery is long history and professional management. The strength of the Schokolade Cafe is excellent communication skills with clients by teaching their skills. I think that communication skills are more important than well organized management for my future business.


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