Reflection – Production Weeks

I have learned more developed knowledge from the production session in the past two weeks. This session had several positions such as a team leader, an organizer for mechanizing, barista and a baker for the pizza shop in order to manage the bakeshop and the barista. Through experiencing different positions, I could imagine how I would work in the bakery shop in the future. For this reason, I liked each position’s activities more and more. I think that the production session was helpful for me because I could build up new knowledge and skills.

One of the special experiences was that I became the team leader. As the team leader, I checked the order from the bakeshop and informed the order to the team members so they can prepare the items. Moreover, I supported each member’s work during the day and confirmed whether the lab has been cleaned up at end of day. I was required to have the leadership. Another experience was that I made products for Barista. Muffins, cinnamon bun and loafs at the barista had different shapes and sizes that I have never made before. When I made various kinds of square like brownie, date fudge and oat fudge, I could learn different skills using new tools. I enjoyed baking very much during the period of production session in the lab.

There were a few moments when I struggled with managing the situation. When I made strawberry tarts for merchandizing, I found that the information provided by other team member was not correct. The total amount was too much so I recalculate total weight into the right amount for that item. I was required to make an effort to complete this item and it took more time than usual. I had to be patient. I tried to make products as what the team wants. However, it was not easy to follow their order because I had to deal with the huge amount of products and its decoration in a short time. In the end, I had help from the other team member in order to finish the products on time. Through this situation, I realized that I need to have help from others when I am in trouble. I should corporate with team members to achieve the goal.

Also, I think this session was important to improve time management skill. During the production session, I should plan for the next item since I had a few items to finish in a day. Also I had to prepare ingredients and equipment in advance. Once I practice this routine repeatedly, I could design the daily plan professionally.

I was afraid that I should get up early morning around 5 am so I tried to set up the alarm several times. However, I overcame this concern as my body adjusting to this routine. Although my body was tired, I felt rewarding. Getting up early in the morning will be helpful for me since most bakers start their day early in the morning. And I acquired time management skills during the production session.

Next week, I will take bakeshop session. I am afraid that I will take a role of customer service clerk and team leader since I do not have any experience in these jobs. So, I should preview each position’s role in advance. Also, I will think deeply about the theme and plan for the details on my merchandizing. Even if I encounter the trouble, I will try to overcome the problem. I am looking forward to learning more skills and knowledge to become a good baker.


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