reflection – Bakeshop Weeks

I have experienced new positions through the bakeshop session including a team leader, a customer service clerk, a position of merchandizing and a baker. I learned different knowledge and skills in each position. Through this session, I gained confidence and achievement as a baker.

The first position that I practiced was the team leader. I expected that team leader is required prompt response and accurate judgment because I had to deliver the items to the right place on time. First, I delivered the meat and culinary item from central packaging area to the bakeshop. Also I brought completed products from baking labs to the bakeshop. It was difficult to predict the time when the products are ready. In addition, I had to take orders from customer and deliver it to the production lab. Also, I had to pack the products from each baking lab so I could bring the products to the customers on appropriate time. Through experiencing as a team leader, I learned new names of bread. Also, I could see what I am going to learn in the next term.

The next position was a customer service clerk. A customer service clerk has two parts of role including selling pizza and assisting customers. Selling pizza was exciting job for me. When I greeted customers by saying “Hello”, “Would like to have a pizza?”, they responded me immediately. Also, when I introduced five kinds of pizza and provided some sample to the customers, they were interested in tasting and ordering the pizza. After experiencing this position, I was more confident and had a desire to sell it more. Assisting customers was difficult job for me. Sometime, I could not understand what customers were saying and I tried to listen carefully. As a result, I could take all orders from customers. As time goes by, I was more comfortable doing this position and gained confidence.

Merchandizing was the most impressive position for me because I have never experienced it before. I chose the blueberry scone for my merchandizing and the theme was blueberry for health. The reason why I chose this item was that the most customers of bakeshop are senior and they prefer to have healthier items containing less sugar and butter. Also, many students already sold muffins or cookies, so I needed to find the products other than muffins and cookies. At the same time, the tasty of items should be familiar to the customer and it should be good for their health. I found that blueberry is matched with this theme. Blueberry is good for health. In order to prepare merchandizing, I had to search on the Internet or books. It gave me more knowledge and interest about healthy food.

Baking position was interesting and the most comfortable position for me. Last week, I did not bake anything so when I was in the baking position, I enjoyed baking muffins in the morning and making pizzas for the lunch. Making pizza was special experience. I communicated with customer service team members in order to provide right amount of pizza to the customer without delay. Moreover, I learned various name of cheese and tasted each cheese.

During the bakeshop session, I experienced various situations and met customers.
I realized that the customers like to communicate with a clerk. If I provide fresh items and good service, they will visit me again and again. After I experienced all positions, I gain confidence and it was rewarding experience. I could learn about retail’s operation details. I will not forget the knowledge and experiences that I gained from the bakeshop session.


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