The self in the Context of Teamwork

We have learned about professionalism and organization in the class. During the class, we have learned the definition of professional and discussed several of situations that could be happen in real work environment. This makes me think what can refer the word professional and that is the teamwork.

I took the learn myself personality test and I was surprised because the description represents my personality well. I am the Artisan and it says that Artisan experiences their emotion strongly and can be passionate. At the same time, Artisan tends to experience emotions such as anxiety, anger and depression.
Artisan is also independent and reserve so they are sometimes can be showed arrogant or unfriendly but it is because Artisan does not need many interactions with others compare to other types of people according to the description.
I agree that I feel anxiety when I have the tasks need to be done during class so I tried to finish my work and helped other team members.

According to the conscientiousness of Artisan, they are organized and like to have a settled routine in their life. I am organized person so I could finish each task on time and prepared the next process in advance. In addition, I clean up the dishes and bring the equipment back to the right place.
I am comfortable being in a similar routine. When I was working in the lab, I could know what will be the next step. This environment makes me feel relaxed so I could work without any problems.

I am good at following the rule so I could finish my work on time and helped other team members to finish their work.

Through the personality test I realized that I took care of my own task however I was lack of understanding other member’s situation. For example, I sometimes stick to the rules and did not aware of what my team members are thinking and experiencing. My only concern was finishing the work on time with high quality.
I will try to respect and understand the individual team member more in the future. I should listen to my team members and accept their opinion while we are doing the team work. I should be aware of how we are different and how these differences make out team work better.

Teamwork is the important value to perform professional achievements at schools or workplaces. As a calm and organized individual, I can be a good supporter for my team. I will follow the directions from the instructors and inform it to my team members so they can finish their work. When we encounter any problem, I will try to be calm and solve the problem step by step.


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