Assignment – Field trip to four bakery shops and Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver

I went to the field trip to the four bakeries and Four Season Hotel which mostly are located downtown in Vancouver. Those bakeries are well known for their unique product such as wedding cake, French style bread and unique interior shop design. They have different characteristics of business style and working environment. After field trip, I deliberate my future workplace. I chose Ganache Patisserie and Four Seasons Hotel as my future workplace and I will compare and contrast two different workplaces because these two are most professional workplace in my opinion.

Ganache Patisserie and Four Seasons Hotel have different business style. First of all, size of business is different. Ganache Patisserie is a small bakery. Ganache has two parts of kitchen and a retail shop with pastries showcase. Though kitchen is small, all equipment was organized well and placed depending on purpose. There are six employees including sales clerk. In contrast, Four Seasons Hotel has huge kitchens. We visited the pastry kitchen on the second floor and there is another pastry kitchen is located inside of Yew restaurant. I was impressed by the size and the location of kitchen because I expect all kitchen are in a same location. There are twelve employees and they rotate several shifts in the pastry kitchen. Secondly, Ganache and Four seasons Hotel focus on different ingredients. Primary ingredient of Ganache Patisserie is chocolate. They handle various kinds of chocolates. Cacao Barry Chocolate has good quality. Four Seasons Hotel uses diverse ingredients which are local, sustainable and seasonal.

Although they are different in terms of their size and ingredient, they have similarities. First, both Ganache Patisserie and Four Seasons Hotel are professional in different field. Ganache Patisserie offers to customer pastries, desserts and wedding cakes. Croissants, macarons and bonbon are Ganache Patisserie’s well- known products and wedding cake is their signature. Four Seasons Hotel serve several desserts for their customer such as ice cream, pastries and bread. Four Seasons Hotel offer customized menus for their customer when there are social events, weddings and group meetings. Second, Ganache Patisserie and Four Seasons Hotel are training of their employees professionally. Ganache Patisserie has five bakers who are working with the chef. I think that these bakers can improve their skills in a short period of time because they have more chances to communicate with the chef directly. For example, when the bakers have questions, it can be solved by the chef immediately. Moreover, bakers can learn new skills by observing well trained ways from the chef since the chef works with them always. In comparison to Ganache Patisserie, bakers at Four Seasons Hotel work by themselves most of their working hours. Bakers work hard for their promotions and it takes time until they move to the next position. Bakers learn their skills and knowledge by repeating same works over and over because they work in similar events several times. For example, they serve the global and the local meeting often.

Through this field trip, I gained knowledge about several types of bakery. Ganache Patisserie and Four Seasons Hotel have different business style and work environment. However I think that both are professional and workers at Ganache Patisserie and Four Seasons Hotel seems they are proud of their career. I could feel their pride from their gestures and eyes. If I have a chance to work either Ganache Patisserie or Four Seasons Hotel, I would work at Four Seasons hotel because it is bigger group. I also like Four Seasons hotel because positions are broke down into several parts so I would be able to learn and practice each position completely. I would work hard to be promoted in this environment. Also I am excited about baking and serving many kinds of events and meeting.


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