I learned new knowledge and skills about laminated dough in the past a week. Laminated dough is processed by folding butter into dough multiple times to create layers. The dough rises by the steam, the result is that laminated dough pastries can have numerous of flaky, airy layers. The examples of laminated dough are puff, croissant, and Danish dough. I will mention about “Puff pastry dough”.

Puff pastry dough is cold dough and has two common methods. Classic puff, quick puff relies on clod ingredients for its characteristic puff. When I made both of puff dough, I had to keep the butter at the right temperature. Also, the dough is rolled out, and then folds again. Before rolling the dough, I needed to dust flour on the bench. Also, I had to brush off the excess the flour when I fold the dough. After the folds, the dough is covered and refrigerated in order to chill and give a chance to relax. Repeating the turn is very important in lamination for desire layers of fat. However, this process was very harder to handle, because I needed to pay attention to keep dough temperature around eighteen to twenty degree Celsius. If the dough is too warm, the butter is melted into the dough and the pastry will lose the layers.


rectagle shape dough


butter block

Puff dough is consisted of four ingredients flour, butter, cold water and salt. First, flour used is bread and pasty flour, because strong flour gives the dough the elasticity to stretch without breaking. Second, butter is one of crucial ingredients to consider in lamination. The butter and the dough must be at the same consistency for the layer to properly take place. If the butter is too cold, will can crack and rupture the layers of dough. Also, the butter is too warm, will be absorbed into the dough, will lose layer. Next, clod water controls the fermentation.
Besides other ingredients is acids, lemon juice, vinegar, cream of tartar, are added to the dough to mellow the gluten to make rolling the dough easier.

When I made the turnover from classic puff dough, I could not gain desire shape of turnover. The turnover have to have characteristics, good volume, even dispersion of filling, golden brown color, either egg washed or sugar coated and symmetrical with clean edges. However, my turnover had not enough volume and sugar coated. Dough should be firm and cool when is rolled out. I think that the dough was getting warmer when I was rolling in, because I worked long time on the bench in room temperature. The dough was sticky and lose layer. Also, for sugar coated, I brushed the top of turnover with water, and dip in granulated sugar. However, the water was not enough, sugar was not dipped evenly. To avoid same mistakes, I have to be careful rolling and folding and maintain cold temperature of the dough. In addition, the dough is rested in refrigerator after each turn with mark edge of the dough in order to prevent confuse how many time I folded the dough. Also, I wash top of turnover with water and dip into sugar carefully for nice color.

2015-05-27 09.03.41 2015-05-27 09.03.33disier shape


During the past a week, I worked with partner. We made different type of laminated dough each other every day alternately. Through this work, I could understand about laminated dough methods.

Danish dough Puff dough
Dough mixing( with yeast) Dough mixing(no yeast)
Lamination (first single fold, and then2 double fold) Lamination(classic-3 double fold)(Quick-3 single fold)
Make-up(keep cold temperature) Make-up(keep cold temperature)
Proofing(2.5times larger than original size) Rest in the refrigerator
Topping Baking
Glaze and bun icing


2015-05-27 09.47.46

Puff dough

2015-05-27 11.34.54

Danish dough

Rolling out the dough into rectangle shape and 3mm thick is still difficult for me. This week I could not gain desire shape of products, because I could not handle rolling in the dough.  Next week, I will make puff, croissant and Danish dough again and make various products. I am sure that I will improve to handle the laminated dough through more practices. I am looking forward to acquire more skills and knowledge.


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