I reserched three businesses which sell dounts in Vancouver. They produse similer merchandizes but they have different business style. I will mantion about Cartems donuterie, Harmony dounts and Outpost mini donuts company.


First shop is Cartems dounterie which has morden sytle products and interior. Cartems dounterie use high quality of ingredients and various flavours. They are suppiled fresh ingredients such as flour, eggs, butter, milk and spices from loca stores througout in Vancouver. Also, they make hand-made products by skilled pastry chefs and they do not use any artificail dyes and preservatives. Moreover, they offer lunch menu from 11am to 1pm.

 1  2 3  4


Second shop is Harmony Donuts which opened around 40 years ago. They make old style donuts any bacon option or honey cruller. But they have fresh donuts with amazing glaze (so many glazes!). Harmony Donuts have only one person who fries donuts. For the reason, the shop is closed early afternoon, not open weekend. Also, their price is 6
amazing. Each donut is about just $1. They have same shape donuts, all are deep fried cake doughnuts. However, the flavors of icing are used variety such as lemon, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and maple.


7Final shop is Outpost mini donut company which is located in Richmond. They have various mini donuts which have beautiful icing and decoration. Also, they offer catering to consumer for weeding, birth day and special day. They have numerous of experience for nation holiday event.

 8  9  10

13One of businesses, Outpost mini donut company is impressed for me. This business has unique decoration skills and use variety flavors, classic flavors (cinnamon sugar, chocolate icing vanilla bean and maple icing) and seasonal flavors (key lime, blueberry, Boston cream and Nutella). Also, they supply their mini donuts for special event of their consumer. They accept consumer`s opinion about themes for weeding, birthday, shower event, thereby they can provide good service to consumer and gain high reputation.

In addition, they have competitiveness about package skill which is one reason that guests come to outpost mini donut.

 11  12  14

Compare with price of each business, Outpost mini Donut has reasonable price.

Carterms Donuterie Harmony Donuts Outpost mini Donuts
Half dozen$18 15 donuts$13 ½ Dozen$4.75
Dozen$36 6 donuts$5 Baker’s Dozen$7.50
Single$3.25-$3.75 Single$1

Next week, I will learn about frying and make yeast-raised donuts, cake donuts and French crullers. Three kind of donut have different method and leavening agent. Through searching about donut business, I realized about French cruller. So, I would like to make it in the lab next week.

Prepare flour, water, eggs, butter, salt and sugar. Bring the water, butter, salt and sugar to boil and add flour. Keep stirring until a thin film from on the pan. Beat the eggs in one at a time. The beat in the writes until get a smooth and glossy batter. Pipe the batter into a ring and careful place the cruller into oil, frying and rest.

17 18  19
 20  21  22
 23  24  25
 27  26  28

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