Making doughnut

I made Yeast-raised, cake and French cruller with various glazes during this week. Though short period, I learned a lot of skills and knowledge.

Yeast –raised donuts made by modified straight dough method. Yeast donut dough is similar sweet dough except less sugar, fat and eggs. If the donut dough is too rich, it will be greasy and dark on the outside or be doughy inside. Also, fully developed dough has stronger gluten, which can handle more easily in proofing, making and frying. When proof the dough at a lower temperature and humidity than breads. The donut need to fry for 2 1/2 minutes at 375`c frying temperature.


Long Johns





Cake donut is made two ways which are using hopper or by hand. When make donut by hopper uses the slack dough which made from prepared mixes. When make cake doughnut by hand use stiff dough that is rolled and cut with cutter. Unfortunately, I did not use the hopper.



Chocolate Cake donuts



Vanilla Spice Cake donuts




Yeast -raised donut and Cake donut have different texture and use rising agent.

The most impressed product that I make is French cruller. Cruller is made many eggs and milk or water. The batter is more liquidly than cake donut dough. The cruller has soft and webbing inside by eggs. The cruller batter consist of butter, salt, water (or milk) and flour. The three ingredients are brought to a  rapid boil in a saucepan and then mix flour. Be careful because if water evaporates too much water, the batter will stiff.  Eggs contribute the volnme and webbing texture. Ammonium carbonate is used the leavener, which gives rapid and considerable gas relaease. The result the curller has light and airy texture inside.


French cruller


If I have a chance making donuts, I would like to make more glazes and use flavors.


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