Aeration and Emulsification

I learned various methods and knowledge for cakes in the past week. Through this session, I made different kinds of cakes and understood why each method was being used in each recipe. I recognized a high ratio cake and a low fat cake. One of the most impressive cake was Angel food cake because Angel food cake was used a new style of method and had different characteristics. Angel food cake is supposed to spongy and airy texture as well as delicate and soft inside. However, the Angel cake that I made in the class had the large oval-shaped cell with the big cell wall and outside was too sticky. Moreover, the cake had the poor volume.

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desire Angel food cake

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Ange food cake is used Angel food method which includes large amount of egg white, sugar and no fat. In this method, egg white is beaten until the form is soft peak starting from high speed to moderate speed. In aeration, mixing speed is very important because they contribute to develop air cell which decide a volume and a texture of cakes. When I made Angel food cake, I mixed egg white longer than I supposed to do with high speed and added sugar after the egg form developed. Adding ingredient at proper time is so important but it was difficult for me. I supposed to put small amount of sugar before the form was being made but I added sugar after the form was made.


over-whipped egg white


As a result, the Angel food cake had the poor volume because over-whipped egg white loses the ability of expanding and rising. Also, the cake of texture was coarse because of the large and the irregular air cell. In the procedure of making a cake, aeration is crucial factor. Both high ratio and egg form cake are made by air cell and are needed less gluten. Through this session, I learned how to control developing gluten which can be controlled by kind of flour, chemical leavener and adding flour the proper step of procedure. If I have a chance to make Angel food cake again, I will make perfect meringue by making the form with the proper speed and adding ingredient at the right time.

Next week, I will make cake and will do decorations of it. Decoration will be difficult for me but I am looking forward to learn new skills and knowledge.


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