Artisan Pastry


  I made variety Artisan Pastry through two different station past over 2weeks. The stations were laminated pastries and quick bread. Through those stations, I learned new skills and knowledges and enjoyed making all products.

I learned about Danish pastry and puff pastry before but last week, I experienced new Danish pastries and puff pastries. Especially, making puff dough was the most impressed for me because the dough was made different method before I made.


Butter dough


Encolsed dough


Butter dough

 For butter dough , blend butter and flour.  Encolsed dough , mix as classing puff dough. Both of dough should be maintained same consistence.

467 Roll out butter dough double size of encolsed dough.


141516 3 single fold

During this period, I could distinguish different of Danish and puff dough. Although, Danish and puff dough have similar characteristics such as light, flaky texture also they have different characteristics. First, Danish dough is made by flour, eggs, milk, yeast, and sugar but puff dough involves neither a chemical leavening agent, nor yeast. Second, Danish pastries is a combination of puffing action and fermentation so they needed proofing times, puff pastries on the other hand, solely rise when the moisture of inside of the dough turn into steam in the oven so that they need rest time in cooler.

Copenhagen (Danish dough)  


Place butter- horns close together on top prepared napoleon sheet and proof

*Spread pastry cream on top napoleon with raisins.

Make butterhorn then place on top of napoleon

Louvers (puff dough)

 5 67

Place peeled apples on top of dough and rest 30minites

*Cut puff dough into rectangular shape then score as picture frame.

pipe pastry cream on center with apples.

When I took Quick bread station, I handled different type of filling for tortes and pie. Although I learned about pie filling before, through this station I realized about filling more advanced. Also I thought about thickener. Thickeners are carefully chosen because they do not greatly alter the flavoring. Different substances are recommended for different types of products. Thickeners should be chosen carefully according to the recipe and stir well to produce a thick, creamy or shiny filling. (

In this station, I made lemon meringue pie filling and Engadine nut torte filling. Those fillings were added different thickeners. Lemon meringue pie filling (Cream filling) was added cornstarch to thickener. When you use cornstarch, you do not use acidic because acidic will slow down thickenings action of cornstarch. Lemon meringue pie filling is made by three different parts (boiled sugar mixture, egg mixture and meringue). It was similar to pastry cream. This filling should be boiled enough in order to prevent cornstarch taste.

 2015-09-02 08.58.262015-09-02 08.58.272015-09-02 07.46.562015-09-02 07.50.362015-09-02 07.51.262015-09-02 07.52.362015-09-02 07.53.092015-09-02 08.32.012015-09-02 08.37.35

Bring first part of water and sugar to a boil.

Dissolve cornstarch, lemon juice, egg yolk, salt using a wire whisk and second part of sugar and water in a small hand bowl.

Add to boiling water and continue cooking, stirring constantly with a wire whisk until mixture bubbles.

Fill hot mixture into baked pie shells and let cool before topping.

***strain it to get any left over egg-white lumps out making it a smooth texture.

Engadine nut torte filling (nut based) is added sugar to thickener and this filling more interesting for me because this filling needed to pay special attention. During I boiled sugar and water, I had to stand in front of stove in order to prevent over –cook of sugar mixture. The result, I could gain desire sugar mixture color. Also I supersized because of sugar mixture boiled over suddenly when I added the boiled weeping cream into boiled sugar. This filling should be cooled room temperature for the mixture will be so hard in the cooler.

 2015-09-02 08.58.272015-09-02 09.08.372015-09-02 09.10.112015-09-02 09.10.252015-09-02 09.12.272015-09-02 10.24.46

Bring cream to a boil. Set aside.

Boil sugar until caramelized. Remove from heat.

Slowly add hot cream to the sugar, stirring until sugar has dissolved.

Add the honey and the nuts.

Allow mixture to cool while preparing rest of recipe

***When cooking sugar it is important to have a clean pot, wet brush and water to go around the pot (as in buttercream making) to avoid crystalization.  Also, adding cream to the sugar will suddenly boil, suggest you can heat the cream to balance temperatures, and secondly add slowliy in a big enough pot, watch safety.

The first week, I watched a video what relate scone and biscuit. The scone and biscuit were made several times of folding and those had many layers. After I watch video, I decided to follow the method.

For the reason, I made pistachio biscuits, apricot biscuits and chocolate & pistachio scones. I mixed baking powder mixture and water and folded fifth teen times. The most important in this procedure is that the dough should be rotated 90 degrees on the countertop. Rolling-out of the dough should be stretched all directions like puff dough.

Repeat fifth teen times.

 1 2345

Apricot Biscuits

 12 34

Pistachio Biscuits

 1 23 4

Chocolate & Pistachio Scones

12 3 4 5                                                    6 7

During Quick bread station, I made biscuits and scones several times, but I failed to make desirable shape of them. They had many layers but they collapse every time.

However, those scones and biscuits were crisp on the outside and soft, moist and layered inside and they had good flavor.

Collapsed products

 1 234

If I have a chance, I would like to learn more about flaky scones and biscuits and make perfect products.

Compare different type of products

1 2

Flaky scone and biscuit


Regular scone and biscuit


Puff pastries



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