I have experienced Catering course including barista production, cake production, laminated production and yeast dough production. Through this over the four weeks, I had chance to review different knowledge and skills what I have learned. I think that reviewing what I learned helped me fully understand the theory and practical technique.
First, barista production was the most impressed for me because barista production is needed time management and teamwork. However, I made mistakes when I make items and was immature to clarify what I have to do our team for next day. I think that this production was helpful to practices time management skill and confirmed what I need to improve in the team. During the production, I made different type of squares such as brownie, chocolate oat fudge and muesli. Especially, when I made squares, I had a chance to study about fudge icing and chocolate couverture in deep.

1 2

    Brownie/ Cinnamon Buns/ Oat fudge square

     Second, cake production was the most interesting production because I made a lot of different style cake for Halloween. Through this production, I studied about color for cake design. Also, I reviewed about cake icing, filling and cream and I realized that I need to study a lot. During this a week, I focused on the butter cream and coloring of butter cream in order to make various Halloween cake. This production was so exciting experience for me.
5 6

Chocolate Layer Halloween Cake/ Carrot Cake

4 3

White Layer Halloween Cake/ Black forest Cake

     Third production was the laminated production. In this production, our team had to make different type of croissants for customer order. For the reason, our team should have made two croissant dough but we could not expect how many we needed. Through this production, I realized that when I make item, I need to calculate amount of filling and dough. Also, time management was important to finish for customer order because some item is needed over two day. Last day of this production, I enjoyed making new shape of puff pastries. If I have chance to make puff pastry, I really want to try making more different type of items using different recipe.

Chicken Pies& Beef Pies/ Almond Croissants


Puff pastryes

    Last, yeast dough station left much to be desired because I have just two day so I decided to make one day yeast dough item. However, I think that this production was very helpful for me. Through this production, I reviewed about yeast dough and Artisan bread. Also, I experimented to make ciabatta using wheat natural sour and gluten natural sour. The result, I gained interesting result.

Spelt/ Natural sour Ciabatta(Wheat natural sour)


     Gluten Free natural sour(Chickpea flour)

     During catering course, I had prepared to take ITA Exam. Through preparing ITA, I could understand theory in deep and remember lots of knowledge. I studied the Moodle over and over again to prepare for the test, the result I could pass the exam. After the ITA exam, I could feel more confident and rewarding.

For a month, I am working on my capstone project which includes resume, e-portfolio and final reflection. I started around two month ago because e- portfolio was needed lots of time. In addition, I chose preferment as my capstone subject. It was needed huge information and experiment. During working capstone project, I had to search on the Internet and books. It was difficult to understand meaning of word and recipe procedure. However, I could learn a lot from those experiences. Today, I finished my last experiment for my capstone and I could gain satisfying result.

After two weeks later, I am going to go practicum as a baker. I am nerves but I am excited. For the last eleven months, I learned a lot of knowledge and skills from instructors and was trained through variety course. I am sure that I can adapt new environment because I am a student of VCC.
I am looking forward to work new environment and meet new people.


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