Dessert Cake


Variety Dessert Cakes


I made different kinds of cake and used different creams and gelling agents for two week. Through this period, I experienced new method when I made mousse cake. Also, I realized that I had to understand about seasonal ingredient and flavor combination in order to improve my cake deigns skills.

I learned various methods and knowledge for desert cakes in the past week. Through this course, I could make different kinds of cakes such as Tiramisu, ganache cake and mousse cakes. During this period, I could understand Genoise method, ganache method, gelling agent and Bavarois. Especially, Bavarois was the most interest for me. Bavarois is made by custard and gelatin and whipped cream. In this method, gelatin amount is important. If not enough gelatin is used, the dessert will be too soft its shape. Contrast, if too much is used, and the dessert will be too firm and lumpy.

     Starting cake assignment was very scary, intimidating and almost confusing for me. When I searched recipe for my cake assignment, I needed to consider ingredients cost in order to put cake price. First my plan was decorating my raspberry chocolate and pistachio mousse cake using fresh fruits and flowers. However, if I used fresh fruits and flower, my cake price increases. So I changed my plan. I decorated raspberry chocolate mousse cake as cherry blossom using whipped cream and decorated pistachio mousse cake using pieces of jelly with chopped pistachio. gf.jpg



(jelly for decoration: use Agar Agar)


When I made raspberry chocolate mousse cake, I used Cream du cacao with drenching


Pistachio mousse

syrup in order to improve flavor of Genoise. Also, I used kirsch in the vanilla bavarois for rich flavor. I think these two flavors were little bit strong but it seemed to be in harmony. Also, when I made pistachio mousse cake, I chose pistachio and white chocolate. Because I thought that white chocolate seem to decrease strong flavor of pistachio paste.


In spite of my consideration, i got a satisfying result. I got beautiful cakes and the cates taste was also delicious. However, cake price was not reasonable. Because Raspberry chocolate mouisse was $4.7each, pistachio mousse was $3.31 each but if I add my albor cost, cake price will increase.

     When I was costing raspberry chocolate mousse and pistachio mousse, I had to change ingredients fresh fruits and flower to whipped cream and jelly in order to decrease cakes price. If I open my own business, I have to consider ingredients cost, also labor cost. Making cake time is valuable, so set an hourly rate and stick with it. Pricing cakes correctly can take hard work, but was certainly worth the time and effort. 

     During this course, I enjoyed making all cakes and pasties. I cannot wait to take a next course.


Raspberry Chocolate Cake






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