Small Dessert


I made various type of small dessert through different station and I could improve skills what design small dessert for the past two weeks. For this period, I could understand about small dessert and practices handling variety ingredients.


This small dessert session was the hardest time for me but also it was so excited and rewarding time. During this session, time management was very important because making one type of small dessert are needed several products such as base of cake, filling, glaze and decoration. I had to think about what I need to do, I make again and again. Through this session, I could make various filling such as mousse, ganache, custard and creams also I could solve problem when I made mistakes. For example, when I made macaroon, I got a too soft filling. For solving the problem, I put chocolate ganache in the refrigerator and then mix it up using paddle.


7.jpgAlso, when I made gluten free cake, I made coating glaze using cocoa powder and coconut oil. However, the taste was too bitter because I did not add any sugar in there. Moreover, the coating glaze was not shiny. Next time, I am trying to use 70% or 80% couverture and almond milk to prevent bitter taste and gain shiny glaze.

Through this session, I feel the need to study persistently about ingredient and its role in baking. Also, I have to practices steady and persistent effort in order to improve my skills.



For my presentation, I chose recipes sriracha dark chocolate tart and milk chocolate mousse cake. I would like to make something special product using different flavor and decoration what I made before. Also, I needed to be concerned about ingredients cost. I thought that if I make mousse cake and tart using common ingredients, I can share some part of processing. There are different types of chocolate such as coating, couverture and decoration. Moreover, I can make various products using chocolate such as filling, glaze, decoration and base of cake. For the reason, I decided to use chocolate as main ingredient and my prediction was right. For example, I made milk chocolate glaze for milk chocolate mousse cake. I could use the glaze for my tart. The result, I could reduce product cost and save many the times.



99.jpgInstead of using common ingredient, I needed to search some special recipes and eye- catching design. In the meantime, I was suggested an idea from my instructor that I use cayenne pepper for my tart shell. After making tart shell, I needed something special filling what is well matched with spicy tart shell. For the reason, I was looking for recipe on the internet and I found sriracha chocolate tart recipe. When I made filling for tart, I was worry about strong taste and flavor of sriracha sauce. However, the tart filling of taste was amazing and delicious also it had chewy texture. I think dark cholate and sriracha sauce have strong flavor but the strong flavor elevate taste each other.

When I made milk chocolate mousse cake, I focus on deration of cakes. 9.jpgFirst my plan was that I decorate milk chocolate mousses cake as fruit but it was so in common with others. So, I considered and decided using chocolate because chocolate can be used variety shape through diverse method. I think it was so good idea for me because I could practices shaping chocolate using various tools such as tray, metal sticks. It will be so helpful when I make other products.




0.jpgWhen I made sriracha dark chocolate tart, I wanted to use caramel candy for decoration with chili pepper candy. However, I failed to get perfect shape of candy because the caramel candy was too soft. It should be cooked longer. For the reason, I needed to change my plan. After consideration, I decided to decorate side of tart shell using shaped chocolate. The result, I gained polished tarts. Through making chili pepper candy I could good experience because I never think about using chili pepper as a decoration of pastry before.


Small dessert session was so hard time for me, but it was so rewarding and helpful session what improve technical skills and new knowledge. I really really love to make small desserts and I cannot wait until the next course.




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