Plate Dessert

Past over two weeks, I made various plate desserts which required theories, techniques and strategies. Plate dessert is assemblage of different style components. During this course, I learned how to take an assortment of main items and garnishes also how to build components into attractive.

Plate dessert is distinct from other small dessert what I made. Small dessert is important flavor, shape and textures itself. However, plate dessert is more important harmony each components. Dessert presentations are enhanced one or more items and garnishes so I needed to make various items such as cake, custard, ice cream and sauce. For the reason, I could not but consider the cost. For example, I could make around thirty pieces lemon curd using one recipe but I needed just one piece lemon curd. If I could not use up left lemon curds, I will lose money. To avoid overspending, it is required accurate understanding recipe and menu plan what I need, how much I need.

This week, I researched books and on the internet for my plate dessert menu and I realized how to people make classic dessert reinvention their own dessert. So I decided to try recreating classic dessert into my own dessert.


redFirst my plate dessert was named Red Velvet Cake. I decided red velvet cake as main item and used raspberry sauce to give flavor. Also, I used chocolate cream Chantilly and Nutella powder to give sweet and soft taste as well as decoration. I thought raspberry sauce is little bit strong flavor so I made chocolate cream Chantilly to reduce raspberry flavor. Also, to enhance red color of raspberry sauce, I decided make red velvet cake. and I used dried raspberry, it contributed decoration as well as crispy. I tried to make some special garnish using isomalt sugar, the result I got small sugar skein.

Second my plate dessert was named Kiwi Panna Cotta. I decided panna cotta as main itempanna and I gave kiwi flavor using kiwi puree. However, using kiwi puree, not give kiwi color so I used food coloring the result, I got emerald green color. Also I made oval shape of lemon curd and passion fruit gelee to complement smoothness and chewy texture. And to give crispy texture, I made caramelized kiwi and dried red velvet cake crumb. I thought I needed some special sauce because lemon curd and passion fruit gelee are little bit sour teste. For the reason, I made kiwi flavored diplomat cream which was soft and sweet teste.

Mention above two type plate dessert were not too sweet and no butter. Also they had beautiful color and design. My restaurant is target career women who want to celebrate special occasion. They may desire to have unforgettable dessert their end of meal.

My first plan was using red velvet cake instead of kiwi panna cotta because I wanted to reduce the coas. However, it was bad idea because red velvet cake had unblanced texture compere to other componenets such as lemon curd and passion fruit gelee. For the reason, I decided to change red velvet cake into panna cotta because panna cotta have soft and cramy texture as well as sweet teate. I thought panna cotta can enhance other components.


During plate dessert course, I learned new kownledges and thechnicques, it will be really helpful for me. Also, I loved to enjoy making all items for plate dessert. Especially, using ISI, it was unforgettable memory. I cannot wait until the next course.


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