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Final Reflection of Artisan Bread

anigifThis week, I finished all my course of Artisan baking program. I am looking back on the first day, it make me emotional. When I started the program, I struggled to meet foreign people and use English. I warried if I could not understand fully not only theories but explaining to working in the lab. However, that was just my worry. Over the ten months, I experienced various situations in the program and I learned variety knowledge and techniques. The result, I gained confidence myself and am ready to work new environment as a baker.

I took a lot of courses over the past ten months. Now that I think of it, basic methodology course was the most important foundation course for next courses what I need to take. During this course, I learned different type of methods, gluten development, leavening, aeration and Fermentation. If I could not understand those theories, I struggled when I take new course.

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9 Grain/ Baguette/ Spelt/ of Bulk Fermentation

2015-08-06 07.36.12

During ten months, the most impressed thing was Fermentation. After basic methodology, I moved to next course which was Fermentation. Through this course, I could understand and apply fermentation to make products using Yeast. When I make bread from mixing to baking, I felt that the bread dough is my baby. Especially, I love the dough after bulk-fermentation because I thought that the dough is alive. When I learned twelve steps of fermentation, through that, I could manage gluten development. During this course, I learned about straight, modified straight and sponge method. Through sponge method, I realized about preferment. It was so interesting method because sponge is the mixture of flour, water and yeast which was proofed in the proofer until double size. Then the sponge was added into the other ingredients for final dough, this procedure stimulated my curiosity. I wondered why this method is needed in the baking.


Not much later, I could solve the curiosity, when I took artisan bread course. This course was greatly interesting and exciting for me. I could acquire various new knowledges such as using wild yeast, long fermentation, hearth baking, variety grains and flour and so on. Through this course, I experienced making variety preferment such as biga, polish, mash, soaker and natural sour. By repeating I made preferment, I understudied about unique characteristics of preferment and handled technique preferment. Through each step of learning fermentation, I loved making bread and interested other ingredient for bread such as Gluten free ingredients.


When I took Gluten free course, I made different type of items using new recipe by searching from books and on the Internet. Especially, when I made Korean pancake using buckwheat flour, my classmate were very interest it. During working capstone project, I experimented to make natural sour using gluten free flour and wheat flour. The result was that I was satisfied and I really want to know about gluten free ingredients and item in deep. I am going to work gluten free bakery for work experience, I am looking forward to learn new knowledge from real field.

2015-08-28 17.54.20

I remembered when I made puff pastries first. Making puff dough was not easy because the dough was needed many work by folding and rest. Through repetitive folding and resting, I could gain proper dough making croissant and other puff pastries. Through this course, I could understand about leavening, flakiness and tenderness of laminated doughs. In this course, I learned the process of laminating croissant, Danish and puff doughs, as well as portioning and making up the products properly. After baking, I needed to glaze items in order to prevent drying on top, it was a little triciy work.


I took catering course which expanded on basic quick breads such as muffins and biscuits, cookies and croissants and Danishes by introducing flavor variety and shape assortment. during this course I had a chance to organize my knowledge and   practical skills such as mixing, portioning, shaping, cutting, proofing, baking and finishing. This course synthesized all the skills and knowledge that have been learnt throughout the program. I could manage and produce customer orders.

Making bread make me feel comfortable, on the contrary making cake make me excited and active. To make cake, I could understand aeration and emulsification. If I could not understand that knowledge, I struggled to complete whole process making cake. pageDuring this course, I acquired essential design principles for decorative techniques. When I made birth day cake, I need to design myself. It was very difficult for me but it was very rewarding when I gained finished product. I could make variety color of buttercream and decorate cake using piping skill such as basket pattern, leaves and flowers.Through this course, I could make various squares, slice and tortes.

Over the past 10 months, I acquired many new baking knowledge and techniques. I had many practices to improve my skills and organize time management for speed. Also, I learned how to work with other people through many group stations and how to encourage and support each other. It is very important skill for working in the team. For taking artisan bread program, I enjoy making all product, I am really looking forward next Artisan pastry program.


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