Treasur-Plate Dessert


(To retain carefully, as in the mind)

Afternoon tea house

The Treasure is located in Vancouver downtown which has unforgettable small dessert and plate desserts. Treasure is the cozy little teahouse which has 15 tables. They offer delicious food and soothing tea, but also for the good feeling they take home with them. A feeling is that comes from relaxing instead of rushing, and from reflecting on all the sweet little good things of life. Like family. Like friends.

Treasure is a special place for career woman to celebrate special occasion. For example, bridal shower, alumni meeting and gathering member of family.

Chef Sarah believes that simple and fresh ingredients are the most important part of small and plate dessert, and then the technique and food should do the talking. She loves you to join her place at the Treasure to celebrate any special occasion and create beautiful memories.






Desserts of Treasure


Red Velvet Cake –

Chocolate Chantilly quenelles/Raspberry sauce -$12


Panna cotta (Kiwi)–33

Passion fruit Gelee/Lemon Curd/Kiwi Diplomat Cream -$12


Raspberry mousse cake–untitled

Caramel Sauce/Whipped Cream – $10


Cream Brulee – (Regular and Chocolate) $92016-04-19 08.51.53.jpg


About Sarah

My name is Sarah Yeonhee Park. If you would like to know about me more, I would like you to go to my page"About me".

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