Wedding Cake


This week, I made wedding cake with my group members. For design wedding cake, I needed to search on the internet and books. During research, I realized that there are many different style of wedding cake.

Left side picture caught my eye. The cake was in harmony with pink and white colors. Also, I love the flowers which placed very symmetrical in its structure. Moreover, the flowers was used different size and color, pike flowers were placed top tier, left side of second tire and right side of bottom tire, small white flowers were placed to support pike flower and fill space.

2016-05-09 11.22.08

I made top tier cake covered as fondant which needed five big size flowers and small white flowers. When I made pink flowers, I used white and pink color alternately in order to direct naturally.


2016-05-10 11.24.21

Also, I had to pip royal icing to décor round shape on the cake using dot in order to express pearl.



When I attached flowers on my wedding cake, I needed to cut bottom of flower to give angle, it was helped putting together flowers. I thought that I need five pink flowers but it was my mistake. The flowers were very insufficient. So, I substituted pink flower into white roses. It was little bit unbalance.

If I have chance what I make wedding cake, I will make up for insufficient part of that.



2016-05-18 19.16.13I wanted to use stencil for gird the cake bottom with the lace but I could not find stencil. So, decided that I pip royal icing in order to gird the bottom of cake. And after attach flower, I piped leaf to cover both side flower space using royal icing. Piping royal icing was the most challenge for me but it was the most interested work for me. Also, I was satisfied.



Finally, I and my group members build our wedding cake up for complete cake.

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During this course, I could make flowers and use royal icing in order to décor on the cake. If I have chance, I would like to challenge making variety style of wedding cakes.


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